2 Delicious Coconut Oil Recipes

Great news loves! In case you didn’t already know, not only is coconut oil amazing for your skin, it is also great to eat! I love using coconut oil in my everyday cooking to substitute for other (less healthy) oils or fats such as butter. Check out two of my favourite coconut oil recipes below! Bon appetite :)

1. Coconut Waffles with Mango

Need I say more? When it comes to the waffle vs. pancake debate I am team waffle every time. The coconut oil makes these waffles perfectly crisp on the outside, but sweet and fluffy on the inside! Click here for the recipe.

2) Southwest Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes are one of those things that I used to hate as a child but now that I’m an adult I can’t get enough of them! A way to make fries even more delicious? By adding lots of toppings of course! This recipe has you toss the potatoes in coconut oil first, making it healthier than traditional french fries so you don’t have to feel quite so guilty when you eat the whole plate on your own. Check out the recipe here.

Let us know which coconut oil recipes you've tried and love!


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