5 Tropical Travel Destinations

We believe in being citizens of the globe. I mean, how could you not?! The world is such a remarkable place with so many cultures to experience, food to eat and people to meet. Being based out of the Great White North aka (Toronto, Canada). We definitely find ourselves thirsting for a getaway to somewhere warm every winter. Here are our Top 5 beach getaway destinations which are definitely on the bucket list! Which ones do you hope to visit and which have you already been to?

1) Cairns, Australia

Located in Queensland on the Northern portion of Australia, Cairns is world-renowned for it’s world-class beaches, rugged rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef. The snorkeling alone earns this town a spot on our Top 5 List allowing you up and close encounters with watery tropical wildlife. The Great Barrier Reef is so large that it can even be seen from space! This makes it an ideal sight to be seen from a magical helicopter tour as well.

From to surf to the turf, Cairns also has the world’s oldest lowland rainforest clocking in at 135 million year old! You can take single or multi day long treks through the rainforests and observe some of the world’s rarest animal such as tree-dwelling kangaroos! Personally, we love options and Cairns definitely has a lot to offer the adventuresome explorer.

2) Bora Bora, French Polynesia

There’s something about the turquoise water, pure white sand and sprinkling of private thatched villas that just gets the romantic traveller in me. Bora Bora is a small island in the French Polynesia which is essentially in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Best known for it’s water sports, tourists flock from around the globe to take in the aquatic sights, snorkelling and scuba diving around the many lagoons.

When not out exploring the ocean, travellers relax in the many resorts that the island has to offer. With some of the world’s best spas, food and entertainment, what more can a sun loving tourist hope for?? Definitely on my list would be to stay in a glass bottomed hut (Le Meridien Bora Bora pictured above). While the stay definitely comes with a luxury price-tag, this would be a unique way to take in the sights of the ocean.

3) Kauai, USA

Dubbed the “Garden Isle of Hawaii”, this island is known for it’s lush rainforests and picturesque coast lines. On the island, you can take hikes through the forests to take in the beautiful scenery and the sounds of local wildlife. Or, go and bask in the sun in one of the island’s 50 miles of beaches, the most beach per coastline of any island in Hawaii!

My favourite part of the island? The air! The purity, humidity and tropical scents combine to make breathing in the fresh air one of the most unique aspects of the Hawaiian islands. The moment that you step off the plane, your mind is instantly transported into bliss.

4) San Sebastian, Spain

One of the most photographed cities in Europe, San Sebastian looks like something out of the pages of a luxury travel magazine. Classic white builds with red roofs lie nestled amount rolling emerald hills. Definitely on my list would be to check out La Doncha Beach, a breathtaking expanse of sand and surf that runs along a length of the city.

San Sebastian is also known for their world class restaurants, attracting many Michelin level chefs from around the world. The local far, pintxo, is essentially a larger and more artful version of the tapa (an appetizer). Pintxo can be found in the many bars, street vendors and restaurants along the beaches and are best enjoyed with a small beer (a zuritoa!).

5) Arenal, Costa Rica

Pura vida! Literally translating to Pure Life, this is a catch phrase of the locals which reminds us all to not sweat the small stuff, and take in the beauty of each moment. The island certainly takes the pura vida mentality to hear! Lush forests overflowing with wildlife, relaxing hot springs, rushing waterfalls and many adventures for the Indiana Jones in all of us. Arenal is an active volcano in Costa Rica, for the thrill seekers, you can zip line through the rain forests at its base or kayak down the many streams in the area. Or, if leaning back with a drink in your hand is more your style, there are plenty of spas and hot springs in the area that you can soak in as well.

Tell us what's on your travel bucket list!


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