NIU BODY #HERHUSTLE Interview with Pressed News Founder Jacqueline Leung

niu body #bossbabe pressed news jacqueline leung founder

This week we had the chance to sit down with Jacqueline Leung! She's the founder of Pressed News, a digital media company that makes the news easy to understand - no BS & no jargon (we love it!).

What inspired you to start Pressed News?
I started Pressed because it’s something that I need. Growing up, I never used to follow the news – I didn’t have the time or interest to read 2000+ word articles just to be left with more questions than answers. But at work, I was being left out of conversations; and deep down, I knew it was important to follow the news – to understand other perspectives, to join in on conversations, and to help make important decisions. So, I changed everything I can’t stand about the news – the jargon, length, sensationalism, context – and created something I would actually read.

niu body #bossbabe pressed news jacqueline leung founder

What does your typical day look like?
I typically start my day around 10 am and try not to schedule any meetings before 11 am. For the first hour or so, I’m responding to urgent DMs and emails, and making sure our newsletter and scheduled social posts were sent out ok. Then I’m usually off to afternoon meetings or headed to a co-working space to work on client requests and growth tactics. Throughout the day, I’m checking in on breaking news and discussing stories with the Pressed editing team. In the evening, the writing and editing begins and doesn’t end until about 1 am.

"Whether you work for yourself or for a company, your purpose in that role is to get sh*t done."

What was the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received? 
While I was training in my previous role, one of my colleagues continuously told me “this is how things have always been done” every time I asked a question. I knew then, and still know now, that is crap. Whether you work for yourself or for a company, your purpose in that role is to get sh*t done – well and on time – to help drive the business forward. If you’re doing things the way they’ve always been done, without stopping to ask questions, you’ll never move forward; you’ll just stay in the same spot.

What does success mean to you?
Being in a state of excitement, confidence, and calm. As I’ve grown and developed in my career, I’ve started to recognize when something lights my fire. I’m not great at recognizing when something is wrong, but I know what it feels like when something is right. Lately, I’ve been following that fire – I’m not sure yet where it’s going to take me – but I know that following that fire will lead me to success.

niu body #bossbabe pressed news jacqueline leung founder

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
I phone a friend, a mentor, or my mom. It is impossible to be confident 100% of the time, so having a solid crew by your side allows you to borrow some of their confidence in you when you need it most. On a more personal level, I’m working on being less of a glass-half-empty kind of person. When I start thinking negatively, I stop and look at what’s hurting me from a glass-half-full point of view and remind myself it’s never too late to be grateful for what I have/where I am right now.

Do you have any morning routines or evening rituals to help you stay balanced?
Once I’m in bed, I don’t check any of my social media accounts. In the evening, I let myself do one last check of my email and calendar, but after that, I force myself to read a book; a real book. In the morning, I stay off my phone all together until I’m out of bed. Because if I start scrolling in bed, I won’t stop!

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