Self-Care 101: Bathing

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Taking a bath is an essential self-care step that helps you relax. After a long day, coming home from the cold dry weather outside, bathing can give you the comfort you are looking for. Bring a book and a glass of wine, and let your body and mind unwind.

Why is taking a bath good for you?

1. Mood
When you think of it, taking a bath is such an ideal environment to be in - a private space, total peace and quiet, and comfort. Just being in warm water induces calmness and ease, allowing your mind to fully relax and unwind, elevating your mood.

2. Relieves Congestion/Colds
Do you have a stuffy nose? Are you suffering from a cough? Steam helps to move blood vessels in your face, loosening any blockages, relieving those symptoms. Taking a hot bath also kills bacteria and improves immunity, combating cold and flu.

3. Burn Calories
Did you know that sweating in a hot bath burns as many calories as a 30-minute walk?

4. Soothe Irritated Skin
Steaming and bathing provides hydration to your skin - and you can enhance this by putting salt or oil in the water. It also helps to cleanse, since warm water helps to open pores.

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5. Get Better Quality Sleep
Taking a bath before going to bed helps you to sleep better. Some scientists claim that sleeping in a cold room gives you a better sleep, and this is because having a colder core body temperature induces sleep. Instead of sleeping in a cold room and freezing, you can raise your body temperature by taking a bath, which allows to rapidly decrease your body temperature while you are asleep, producing more melatonin.

6. Relieve Muscle Pain
Increase in blood circulation helps to de-stress muscles, which helps to relieve muscle pain. Moving and stretching in water helps to enhance these effects.

How often do you take baths? :)

Written by Yuri Hirama

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