The Important Skincare Step You Might Be Missing

So you think you got this skincare thing down. Start with a cleanser, toner if you remember, moisturizer if you have time, and sunscreen if you’re really on your A-game. What else could be missing, right? To many skincare experts, you would be seriously overlooking one face product – serum.

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Serum is a product you can use after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing. This allows the ingredients to really dig deep into your pores and deliver all their wonderful benefits, and then being sealed with your fave moisturizer. You can use them morning and night, but most people use them in the PM because they may appear oily, and also because they work better at night. Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross weighs in on the subject, “much like a body clock, the skin also has a circadian rhythm, which affects dermal functions such as barrier recovery, sebum secretion, hydration levels, and cell renewal.” He goes on to say that during the day, your skin works to defend against sun damage, while at night your skin works on repairing itself. Your skin needs nutrients to reproduce cells, so by adding serum to your skin, you’re feeding it the nutrients it so craves.

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A few of the benefits serums provide are brightening skin, reducing fine lines, fading spots, hydrating, and eliminating blemishes. Did we mention our line of serums covers all of these skin perks (and more)? ;) 

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