The Inspiration Behind our Popular Makeup Remover Wipes



A question that Connie and I are asked on a regular basis is how we came up with the idea for our NIU BODY coconut oil makeup remover wipes. I'll admit, it isn't a fabulously exotic story and there was no real ah-ha moment but I thought I would sit down for a few minutes to share the story behind NIU BODY.

Being avid beauty/skin care geeks ourselves, we aren't rookies at trying out different mixes on our skin. In fact, I'm of the opinion that if it's something that I would be OK with then I'm OK with putting it on my face. So, when a friend of mine showed me how to use coconut oil as a makeup remover a few years ago I was instantly hooked! Personally, all of the store bought removers that I had dried would sting my eyes and dry my skin out giving me that awful tight plastic face feeling afterwards. Needless to say, coconut oil quickly made its way into my skincare regime.

There was a problem though, coconut oil had some major drawbacks. Namely the convenience factor. I'm the kind of girl who is all about saving time where I can. Raw coconut oil was annoying because it didn't match with my busy life style. I couldn't just grab the jar off my shelf and bring it to the gym with me or throw it in my suitcase when I travelled. It was also super messy being a solid at room temperature and having the scoop the hard white coconut oil out of the jar with my fingers before lathering on my face and then rinsing off multiple times.

We knew there had to be a better way so we designed our NIU BODY coconut oil makeup remover wipes! These beauties are saturated with 100% fractionated (basically a fancy word for liquid) coconut oil. We then add in unique essential oil blends for every skin type to pack an extra punch in your cleansing routine. All of our NIU BODY products are made in Toronto, Canada in small-batches to ensure high quality and consistency. I’m so happy that my coconut-oil-jar-scooping and wipe-eye-stinging days are behind me (and I’m never looking back)!

Although we have started out with just the one product type, we have plans to launch new products with the same philosophy in the not so distant future! Thank you for all of your support so far loves!

<3 Laura

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