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 November 30th 2017niu body fashion magazine

FASHION Magazine 

 November 6th 2017
elle canada niu body

ELLE Canada


November 5th 2017niu body vegan skincare

Stuff I Love

October 31st 2017

niu body natural skincare



October 30th 2017

niu body natural skincare

Sun Kissed Kate


October 27th 2017

niu body natural skincare

Natural Beauty Life

October 25th 2017

niu body natural skincare

This Organic Girl

October 24th 2017

niu body natural skincare

I Know All The Words

August 30th 2017

The Omm Life

August 25th 2017

She Blogs Canada

 August 25th 2017

Ask Mirra

August 23rd 2017

Six Made

August 17th 2017

Ethical Elephant

July 6th 2017 

Mascara in the City

June 13th 2017

My Box Addiction

May 11th 2017


April 15th 2017

Lene Lemon

April 10th 2017

Bonjour Zoe

March 19th 2017

JAY Beauty

March 19th 2017

Queens Entrepreneurs Competition

March 17th 2017

Su La Po

March 16th 2017

Collectively Hill

March 1st 2017

Queen's Smith Magazine 



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