Our Mission

We believe shopping for natural beauty products sucks. Honestly, who has time to decipher ingredient lists or keep up with all the latest skincare trends? Plus, forking over hundreds of dollars for a new skincare regime that might not even work is so last year.

Meet NIU BODY. We are an affordable natural and vegan skincare company that launched in March of 2017 with just $4,000. With our focus on effective scientifically-backed formulations, and our 30 day money-back guarantee, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the natural beauty space!

Meet the Founders

niu body founders connie lo and laura burget

Laura Burget’s journey into entrepreneurship began at the ripe age of 9 when she sold handmade crafts and jewelry at her elementary school to raise money for endangered animals. While in school at the University of Toronto for Chemical Engineering she ran two businesses on the side. It was through these experiences that she fell in love with entrepreneurship and became fascinated with creating something from nothing. At NIU BODY, Laura is the mastermind behind formulations, back-end production, and operations/financials.

Connie Lo’s interest in natural skincare started at a young age, when she would whip up DIY face masks after coming home from elementary school. Her mom always stressed the importance of eating well and taking care of your skin, rather than covering it up with makeup. Along with her love of natural beauty, Connie also grew up with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. She ran businesses throughout high school, and co-chaired an entrepreneurship competition while studying Commerce at Queen’s University. At NIU BODY, Connie works her magic on marketing, sales, and strategic partnerships.

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