Derived from Nature, Driven by Science

Natural skincare, in our opinion, shouldn’t just be about eliminating toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It should also be affordable, and provide actual visible results. Because what’s the point of creating a natural beauty brand if it’s ineffective and unattainably priced?

NIU BODY products are not only 100% natural and vegan but also, plain and simple, work. When formulating new products, we research extensively to find innovative plant-based ingredients that provide tangible benefits. Our team of chemists also ensures our formulations are non-comedogenic and great for sensitive skin. This meticulously detailed approach to formulating is what allows us to garner such positive customer feedback, and we will continue to only release products that truly work.
niu body natural skincare

How We're Different

We formulate natural skincare products with proven benefits. We believe that well-researched, scientifically-backed ingredients never go out of style. We will never just use trendy, hyped ingredients. Instead, we carefully comb through scientific studies when developing new formulations to ensure that our products actually do what they claim to do. We then use an iterative product formulation process when developing new products, where we test multiple rounds of lab-created formulations before confidently releasing the best version to the market.

No glitter, no fluff - just the good stuff. Our products all have high concentrations of actives, with no filler ingredients. When formulating, we  purposefully  consider  what we can remove from the ingredient list, as opposed to tacking on superfluous ineffective ingredients. This not only ensures that our products produce visible results, but also allows us to keep our pricing affordable, as we’re not wasting money on things that don’t impact your skin (like glitter, gold flakes or excessive packaging). Rest assured, you’re not just paying for a pretty #shelfie!

The term “natural” is thrown around a lot, so we totally get why it can be confusing! Our definition of natural means 100% plant-derived, with no artificial ingredients. We formulate according to the safety standards established by the European Union, meaning we avoid more than 1,300 potentially harmful chemicals that the EU has banned (meanwhile, the US has banned less than 1% of that as of 2018). All of our products are also vegan (no animal by-products) and certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny (no animal testing).

We hate greenwashing as much as you do, and are all about full ingredient transparency. We believe ingredients should be displayed proudly, not squished in a paragraph of tiny illegible font. We not only list what each ingredient does for your skin in understandable language, but also share the scientific studies backing each component of our formulations. We are big into educating #skintellectuals – you can read more on our blog.niu body natural skincare

Our Formulation Process

We include our customers in every step of the product development process. This is at the core of what we do, because we want to make products that people actually love! When launching new products, we don’t just pick an ingredient that’s trendy and make a product with it. Instead, we turn to our community and ask them what they want. We do this through social media polls and Q&A’s, as well as customer feedback calls. We determine the most highly-requested product, and then ask even more specific questions, like what skin benefits customers are looking for, and what scents they prefer. We even get down to the most popular size and format!

Armed with this data, we then work closely with our chemists to create several variations of the new product. We test these formulations, and send the best one to a group of power users. After they have tested the product for 2 weeks, we collect their feedback and iterate the formulation once more. The final product is one that has been tested rigorously before manufactured in Canada and released to the market.